Swiss + Med Bio-Lift Anti Age Mask 20 ml / 10 arkmasker

Swiss Med hudpleje

$ 93.50 

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Smoothing, Anti Wrinkle, Plumping, Moisturizing 

2 skin smoothing peptides: Acetyl octapeptide-3 & Acmella Plant peptides. 

Slows the transmission of muscles contractions thereby reduces the appearance of wrinkles, also helps prevents new ones. Soluble marine collagen increases skin moisture. 

Swiss Med Sheet Mask, so easy to use, 20ml serum in each mask.

  • 100% cellulose a natural plant derived fabric 
  • superior absorption 
  • better adherence for better absorption of serum and incredibly soft and comfortable. 

Super saturate your skin with concentrated active Swiss Med Serum 

The mask fiber is soaked with 20 ml of concentrated active serums containing micro active ingredients with a bio mimetic technology to ensure their deep absorption into the skin layers. The mask is activated by the skins body temperature and provides immediate as well as long lasting results. 


Glowing hydrated skin in 20 minutes! 

Sådan bruges: Apply on clean skin, leave on for 20 minutes then lift off and massage the remaining serums into the skin. May follow with an application of a cream. 

These easy to use masks don’t need to be rinsed off. After the mask is removed the serums continue to act in the skin and absorb for up to 12 hours. Real results in a very short time! 

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